Canadian Diplomat In Cuba Also Treated For Hearing Loss

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"I don't think it could have been the Russians because they, to the best of my understanding, have not restored the kind of military and intelligence cooperation they had with the Cubans before the end of the Cold War".

The US investigates these "incidents" since months ago, but the spokeswoman said she did not know "the source or the cause" or how many people would have been affected. Michael Weissenstein of the AP joins us from Havana.

The group of diplomats first began experiencing the unexplained hearing loss last Autumn. "This is an active investigation, and that investigation is ongoing at this time".

"We had to bring some Americans home or some Americans chose to come home as a result of that".

Earlier on Wednesday, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert told reporters that the exact nature of the incidents was unclear, but Americans serving in Cuba had returned to the United States for non life-threatening "medical reasons".

United States officials have told CNN that its employees may have been attacked with a sonic device, outside the range of audible sound, either inside or outside their residences in Havana. It was not immediately clear if the device was a weapon used in a deliberate attack, or had some other objective. And they - US launched an investigation and came to conclude sometime between then and recent months that these diplomats were either attacked deliberately with a sound device or were somehow exposed in a way that caused them to suffer these very severe symptoms.

U.S. officials refused to directly blame Cuba itself for the "incidents", which appear to have begun previous year, and Havana insisted it is working to protect the USA mission.

An official told CNN that some of the employees affected could have suffered permanent hearing loss.

"US government officials have been affected in some way by these incidents - physically affected by these incidents", she said, explaining the decision. She added that they are "monitoring it", and providing any necessary medical care.

According to the AP, several USA diplomats were targeted for surveillance in Cuba and subjected to devices that caused severe hearing loss.

"We are aware of unusual symptoms affecting Canadian and USA diplomatic personnel and their families in Havana", Brianne Maxwell, a digital communications advisor with Global Affairs Canada, told Canadian media.

Some of those affected chose to return to the United States, said Nauert, prompting the administration to expel two Cuban diplomats from the embassy in Washington in May.

The two meetings, the first of which occurred weeks after the Cuban officials were expelled and the second yesterday as the incident went public have led to questions about whether a third country was involved in the freaky case that has captured the attention of everyone from Miami to Washington.

"We consider these to be incidents". "I'm not going to call it as such, but we asked two people to go home".

Nauert said Thursday that Cuban authorities were co-operating in the investigation, which also involves the FBI.

"Cuba took this issue with the utmost seriousness and acted expeditiously and professionally in order to clarify the facts of this situation, initiating a comprehensive, priority and urgent investigation on the indications of the highest level of the Cuban government", the ministry said in the statement.

President Trump has criticized the reopening of diplomatic relations with Cuba, calling it "a completely one-sided deal". Buzzfeed News reported on Wednesday that the worldwide community has gotten the impression Trump is really only focused on undoing anything that was started by the Obama administration.

The US and Cuba officially resumed diplomatic relations in July 2015, more than five decades after they were severed.