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A Brief Guide on How to Maintain your Hoist

Every machine or equipment that you use in your daily life requires regular and periodic maintenance for successful operations. The same fact applies to the electric hoist too, if it is well kept it then it is a must that it will give you good results year after year. 

This is the key to getting extraordinary operating results from your mechanical giant. Every company that uses it must have a well-planned strategy to improve life.

Electric hoists are generally durable and long lasting. The only requirement is regular maintenance along with inspection, cleaning and lubricants. Chains which are the most important components must be kept clean and rust free. 

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Depending on this use must be done once in a year or two. Because this device has gears, it’s important to keep their sand, grit and dirt free. After that they should be greased with a tacky high pressure lubricant.

There are a large number of imported junk sold in the market by large discount houses. Many of these items have zero security factors and are based on the value of the final failure rather than conservative engineering values. There are several steps that must be remembered for the maintenance of the hoist. But if they are ignored then it will create many problems.