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All About Cigar Smoking For Beginners

Before just jumping into consumption of cigars, find a nice, soft pure to begin with. Some cigars may be a little too strong for beginners and ultimately can ruin the whole experience. 

Therefore beginning with Mild-flavored cigar  which is also a bit cheaper, which can make it easier to ease into the hobby.  Also you will not have to worry much about lighting a cigar incorrectly or cut too much from the top of an expensive cigar.


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Once you have decided on your cigar, check that there are no imperfections. Check wrapper cracks or color changes, and search for hard or soft spots gently squeezing the cigar.

Soft spots can indicate your cigar has less snuff than what you will want. Hard spots may indicate that smoking has been too compact and can be plugged into cigars, so it is difficult to smoke.

Although many enthusiasts prefer to replace plugged cigars,  plugging the cigar by massage to get rid of the plug can sometimes reduce this problem.

Some Interesting facts that cigar beginners should know

There's the aroma and flavor. Salty, woody aromas. Leather,  spicy flavors, coffee. Each cigar on your palate gives an interesting range of flavors experienced in a whole new way.

There is relaxation. In the 45 minutes to two hours it takes to smoke a cigar, you can unwind and kick back. These minutes shared between you and your cigar is your time to contemplate anything or nothing at all.

There is art. Creating a cigar is an art form. Each puff may reveal careful thought each blender put in the selection of tobacco for loading,  wrapper and the binder .