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Buying A Property In Singapore

The real estate market in Singapore is developing rapidly and therefore more and more investors are investing their resources and taking part in property purchase surveys.

The Housing Act of 1973 allowed residents of the country to buy and have inexpensive housing and encouraged foreign investors, foreign companies, and permanent residents to make an economic contribution to buy the property. 

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The law allows foreigners to buy apartments in non-condominiums with levels less than 6 without prior approval. All types of mortgage assets are limited in Singapore, such as B. vacant land and land such as semi-detached houses, terraced houses, and bungalows, foreigners need permission before buying.

Land and residential property are a craze among citizens, and this is one of the reasons why the purchase of this type of property must be approved by the authorities. Foreigners need to ratify from Singapore before buying.

To buy property in Singapore, you must appoint a real estate agent. Brokers handle your real estate transactions and must be experienced and competent in this field.

It is important to stick to agents to avoid confusion because most agents in the country have the same portfolio. Discuss with your representative the type of property you are looking for, as well as price, location, and dimensions.

Clarity of instructions will help you assess the accuracy of the results. A good broker can even be your real estate advisor and help you with any legal or financial advice.