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Comparing Tent Rental Offers

When planning an event that requires tents, offers from several tent rental companies are often solicited. When comparing these offers, it is important to consider all elements of the offer, not just the price. Would you compare the prices of different car dealerships without knowing what cars they sell? 

The advertised price can also be very different from your final account, and the service and structure you receive may represent a very different value proposition. Here are a few things to think about.

The structure you rent can be new or used. If a tent is used, be sure of the condition of the fabric so that you get a structure that meets your expectations. A used but in good condition tent will look very different from a Class B rated tent. Also, make sure the tent rental company provides you with a clean tent, as some vendors may not clean their equipment after every event.

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The standard height of the sidewalls varies depending on the tent company. Some tent makers employ a 7-foot sidewall, while others use an 8-foot sidewall. Larger awnings look and work best with taller sidewalls. Insufficient sidewall height can make the structure appear cramped and not provide sufficient airflow for larger tents. Ensure that the height of the sidewalls is determined and comparable.

Sometimes tent companies use multiple tents to provide the advertised square area. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but for some events, it may mean having to work around the security structure of the tent in a usable event space. Check that the number of tents and the style of tents are specified in your list. This will help you avoid last-minute adjustments to cut cables and stakes or load systems in your tent.