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Composite Doors Provide Greater Security

Are you one of those homeowners that still have the outdated wooden panel doors exactly in the front of your house?

You ought to upgrade as there are now modern entrances that will suit your house. The innovative, UPVC composite doors are very much secured and safe in the fact that they offer more efficient protection against burglars and possible trespassers. If you want to install composite doors for your home, then you must hire professional solidor fitters. The solidor doors collection includes solid laminate, timber core composite doors. Due to the latest security features, composite doors can be the right choice for your house.

Composite doors are the newest type of door used in homes. These doors have been designed taking into consideration the common flaws experienced in singular material doors. Using a combination of materials that have been selected for their beneficial properties, composite doors allow for the old flaws to be effectively ‘designed out’.

Composite back and front doors have a high resistance to weathering and will not react to seasonal changes like a singular material door. Composite doors have a higher thermal resistance than wooden doors, due to the insulating foam core.

In short, these doors are exceptionally well-designed modern doors made from several materials. Their superior quality sets a new high standard within the door industry.