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Designing Your Dream Wardrobe

We have all dreamt of having that massive walk-in wardrobe design that fulfills all our wishes of clothing storage. However, walk-in wardrobes require planning and have a lot of elements to be considered when being built.

The wardrobe design is one of the highlights of deciding the interiors of your room. You can also check out the various designs of walk-in wardrobes through

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This article will help you design the ultimate walk-in wardrobe.

Light it up:

Lighting is a key aspect of a wardrobe. It needs ample lighting especially if it is built in a position where there is low natural lighting. Dressing up requires bright lights to allow us to see what we wear.

Rod length:

If you are sharing the wardrobe with another person, allot enough rod length to each person to avoid them taking up your space. Each person should have a minimum of 48 inches of rod length.

Add on:

Walk-in wardrobes have much more potential than any other kind of wardrobe. Don't leave it at clothing rods; add shelves, drawers, and cupboards. Include deep drawers to store seldom-used items and use cupboards to store items you want to keep out of sight.


Design a vanity to fit into your walk-in wardrobe. Sacrifice some drawer space and add in a mirror and a surface to place makeup, accessories, perfume, etc. Allowing you to dress up all at one place.


A wardrobe design without enough mirrors is impractical. Insert as many mirrors as you wish a full length as well as a smaller one. You need to know how the outfit comes together.