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Employee Background Screening: How it Benefit Corporations

Pre-employment background checks are more than just a way of avoiding bad hires; they're also corporations' best bet for beating negligence court cases. This article reviews why more and more corporations are hiring third party employee background check companies, rather than conducting background screenings in-house.

Browse around this website to discover the benefits corporations enjoy by outsourcing their employment background screening.

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1. Increase candidate confidentiality.

When an internal employee reviews your employee, drama can emerge in the workplace. New hires trust their colleagues who are responsible for job reviews less. Third party projections are very helpful in preventing suspicion and gossip. In addition, they show candidates and employees that you are committed to treating them equally and fairly.

2. Reducing the possibility of costly mistakes.

Did you know that some states require employees to provide candidates with a copy of their screening, even if not specifically asked? Or is it illegal to make the decision to drop a lawsuit that doesn't result in a verdict? Your company could be sued if you fail to follow the legal requirements for employee background checks.

Few HR managers, however, have the time or legal experience to avoid all potential litigation. For this reason, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing screening of a supplier workforce that have been working on this issue for decades. This usually leads to cheaper setup errors.

3. Legal protection.

Apart from avoiding legal errors, outsourcing background reviews also provide litigation leeway for companies. The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) promises impunity for companies that outsource their employment checks. In other words, if you outsource, your company can avoid negligence, breach of confidentiality and defamation lawsuits.