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Factors That Influence A Successful Tattoo Removal Treatment

It's estimated that 10% of the metropolitan population has some type of tattoo. But at some point more than half of them need to experience a process to remove it.

For instance, laser removal techniques break down the pigment colors of a tattoo using high-intensity beams. Here, the dark tattoo pigment absorbs the amount of the laser wave making it relatively easy to treat.

Additionally, there are lots of other aspects that affect the success rate of your therapy. Here are some thoughts –

All tattoos won't disappear 100%

Before you sign up for this treatment, it is important that you set realistic expectations regarding its outcomes. Speak to your specialist and they will explain to you that a few tattoos only partially heal at the end of treatment. You may also visit AILEENN BEAUTY  studio to get the best tattoo removal treatment.  


How old is the tattoo?

When did you get yourself tattooed? Your answer to this question will have an effect on your results.

Where can it be placed

Body positioning issues. Getting is generally harder for tattoos that are located under the arm or foot.

Where have you had your tattoo created?

Believe it or not, it's usually simpler to eliminate amateur tattoos that are done by professional artists.

Colour and lasers

No laser could get rid of all types of colors, as already emphasized. Since different dyes react at different light wavelengths, it's been discovered that dark green and black are the easiest to eliminate whereas fluorescent dyes and violet are the most difficult.

Your skin type

Tattoos may change skin feel or cause scars. This result is often hidden by dyes. But upon eliminating adjustments to your skin, you might be left having a"memory" of your previous tattoo on skin.

The usage of laser treatment lightens skin color in the area of treatment. It's strongly suggested that you apply sunscreen prior to minimize the effect of treatment. It's also recommended that you await your tan prior to eliminating the tattoo.