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Hazelnut Flavored Coffees: Number 1 In Popularity Among Coffee Lovers!

Hazelnut flavored coffees are among the most popular flavored coffees on the market. The tradition of flavoring coffee with hazelnuts goes back many centuries. According to tradition, alpine monks added crushed hazelnuts to their coffee for flavor. Why did these monks choose hazelnuts and not another type of nut to do this? Hazelnuts were plentiful and inexpensive as a flavoring agent.

Hazelnuts have been used in confectionery to make praline, something that the monks most likely made for themselves and their communities. Many people also used hazelnuts a lot in combination with chocolate to make truffles and other chocolate treats.

Hazelnut oil, pressed from hazelnuts, has also been used as a strongly flavored oil in many dishes in many countries for a long time. To buy hazelnut flavored coffee browse online to various sources.

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Hazelnuts offer health benefits when eaten on their own or along with coffee. Hazelnuts are high in protein and unsaturated fat, and also contain significant amounts of vitamin B1, a soluble vitamin that easily enters and leaves the body every day. Why not combine the powerful antioxidants in coffee with the health benefits of hazelnuts by chewing on some tasty hazelnuts while enjoying a delicious cup of premium specialty coffee?

Even better, brew it with a cup or two of hazelnut-flavored coffee and get all the hazelnut aroma and flavor without the "fuss" of grinding the nuts and adding them to the coffee. Be sure to get freshly roasted gourmet coffee to order, "plain" or flavored, to enjoy with your healthy hazelnuts.

There are many coffee and hazelnut flavor combinations available for coffee lovers. They are sold in whole or ground beans, as well as regular or decaf hazelnut-flavored coffee options.