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How Can You Choose A UV System

You do not have a municipal water supply to your house. The water comes from a well, and you have decided to protect the health of yourself and your family by installing a water treatment system. 

You have done the research and have decided that you want an ultraviolet light treatment system, as it uses no chemicals. So how do you choose the most appropriate system for you? You can even ask the experts of UV light disinfection via

Your first condition is to find a system that provides a minimum safe dose of disinfection. After all, you want to make sure you kill all organisms that may be in your water with a safety margin of error. 

The way this is accomplished is through validation by third parties. There are companies that U.V. equipment tests to ensure they can provide the most appropriate dose. 

The strictest of these third parties, and that the Canadian and US governments base their regulations on NSF or the National Sanitation Foundation. 

After extensive testing, NSF came with standard U.V. disinfection devices. This standard is the protocol NSF 55 Class A. Class A tells us that a safe minimum dose for a U.V. system is 40 mg/cm 2.

But the dosage depends not only on the ability of the unit to provide it. It is also very dependent on the conditions of your home and water supply. There are two things you need to know when shopping for a unit U.V.