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How To Take A Cutting Of Marijuana Clones?

• Do not fertilize the mother plant for several days as this will result in cuttings. This allows nitrogen to work out of the leaves.

When you pluck cuttings, excess nitrogen on the leaves and stems causes your clones to grow vegetation instead of disrupting root energy.

• Work in a sterile environment. Use gloves and disinfect the razor and scissors. To get marijuana clones online you can also opt for Los Angeles clones for sale at

• Look for healthy and healthy branches. You want at least two knots for the final cut, so choose branches that are strong and long enough. Healthy branches lead to healthy plants.

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• Cut the parent branch by cutting the knot of the parent plant. Better to use scissors here; it can be difficult to pick up a razor in the middle of the mother plant.

• Then cut under the bottom unit of the new cut with a razor at an angle of 45 ° to the branch. This increases the surface area of the roots and promotes faster growth.

• Immediately put your fresh cut into the rooting hormone. Then place it right at the root of the cube. If you are using automatic cloners, add root hormone to the clones after taking all your cuttings.

• After cutting, remove unnecessary leaves down and cut off the top remaining fan blades. This aids photosynthesis and helps your clones take up nutrients and water.