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Know All About Mechanisms of Halotherapy

The ancient, traditional Hindu science of medicine and health, Ayurveda, recommends washing nasal cavities daily with saline water. This practice, referred to as "Neti," has been used by Yogis to prepare for extended meditations and Yoga practices to maintain clean and clear airways, which results in effortless breathing.

It's easy to disregard Grandma's recommendation of gargling with salinity water, as an old remedy that was left by the scientists. According to the scientific literature it is estimated that the quantity of salt inhaled during a minute Halotherapy or speleo therapy session is 100 times lower than the daily recommended intake of salt. 

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Additionally, the majority of salt inhaled is eliminated from the lungs via exhaling mucus and breathing. Salt therapy and the food preservation mechanism of action is dependent on the process of osmosis. Osmosis is the process that causes water, a common solvent, to flow through a semi-permeable barrier into solutions in which the concentration of solute is greater, thereby equilibrating the level of the materials on both sides of the barrier. 

In essence, this means that when cells are placed in the presence of a solution where the concentration of minerals in the solute is greater than the one it has, they will shrink. In the case of Halotherapy / Salt Therapy, bacteria and viruses are removed from the lungs as a result of exhalation from sodium as well as chlorine (salt) salts.

Bronchial cilia continuously move upwards within the lining of the trachea and lungs to eliminate mucus and foreign substances. They protect the lungs from infection and make breathing easier.