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Know More About Solar Meat Recipes

Meat in particular lends itself to solar cooking, especially the casseroles, stews and curries, which are well-suited to extended cooking periods.

In theory this slow and extended cooking process tends to soften the connective tissue without toughening the Prior to adding the meat or vegetables, place the solar cooker in full sunshine and heat two empty black enamel bellied solar pots for 30 minutes. You can also get best scrambled eggs with hellers rasher bacon recipe online.

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Thereafter the general approach is not dissimilar to conventional cooking in that initially the meat to be cooked needs to be sliced and diced down into bite-sized chunks, the rule of thumb being if in doubt go small, not big, with the size of the chunks. This makes the meat easier to eat and increases the overall surface area which will assist with cooking.

After 30 minutes add the diced meat and sliced onions to one solar pot accompanied by 1 tablespoon of olive oil (remember if at all possible always use extra virgin olive oil) and 1 tablespoon of butter (even though more margarine is consumed in North America each year compared to butter, avoid using margarine if possible due to the level of unsaturated fatty acids).Place this pot in the solar cooker and allow the onion and meat mixture between 1-2 hours to cook and properly brown.

Thereafter add either a gravy, sauce, curry powder or beef stock and water mixture to the meat and onion mixture. If adding a curry powder ensure the remaining powder is tightly sealed before returning to the original box to avoid any minuscule weevils, pantry moths or mites contaminating the powder (do not underestimate their uncanny ability to gain access through the smallest of openings).