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Mistakes To Avoid When Youre Buying Craft Beer

It used to be simple to buy beer. It was easy to choose whether you wanted beer from abroad or from domestic. Craft beer is now a common commodity. 

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These are the most common mistakes craft beer buyers make when shopping.

The Beer Vendor Topbunk

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Old beer can be bought

Beer is at its best when it is freshest, with very few exceptions. This is especially true if you deal with small, local breweries that don't have the same process controls as larger craft breweries or when you buy hop-forward beers. This is especially true with IPAs, as the essence of hop aroma can be volatile and is the first to fade. 

Craft brewers date their beer packages using either a best-buy date or a bottled-on date. This is a great way for beer-lovers to avoid buying stale beer. You will often see IPAs as old as nine months on shelves at local shops. 

You should aim for beer less than 90 days old. If you are buying hoppy beer, fresher is better. While it won't harm you, old beer will not be as delicious or as vibrant as the one you want.

Unrefrigerated Beer

Temperature is the greatest threat to craft beer's flavor after its shelf life. Warmer temperatures accelerate chemical reactions that can lead to a beer becoming stale and brittle. Beer is at risk if it is heated above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Beer aged at room temperatures will age much faster than beer stored cold. While it is always better to purchase beer from a cooler than floor stock, many grocery stores stock their refrigerated sections in warm warehouses.