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Powder Coating in Thousand Oaks – The Decline of Liquid Coating

Powder coating is a form of application done by spraying on a free-flowing, dry powder onto parts. The pieces are sent through an oven and the powder is heated or cured to develop a skin just like coating. It's distinct from a traditional wet paint tool in that there's not a solvent that contrasts the coating together and applies it into a liquid type. Instead the powder is electro statically charged and typically applied with a spray gun.


The Benefits : The powders used do not emit some volatile organic compounds or VOCs which make it simpler for the ecosystem and safer to the consumer. The coat can be applied thicker than the conventional liquid coatings minus the sagging or running effect. The overspray could be reused if a cartridge booth is utilized. You can also get more information on the best powder coating in Thousand Oaks via

The effect of which system allows the user to reach nearly 100% use of the coat. The overall cost of purchasing and operating the equipment for a Thousand Oaks powder coating process will be less compared to the traditional liquid lines. Last, it is much more versatile and allows for more specialty impacts over the liquid coating option.

The Negative : Although the advantages of Thousand Oaks powder coating you can find some limitations on the technology. Thick coatings may be applied and depict a smooth surface but skinnier coatings tend to seem like a rougher, golf ball like surface. Second the coatings have a tendency to break down after 5 to ten years of UV ray exposure.

The Bottom Line : Powder coating in Thousand Oaks is the emerging force to its coating industries. An increasing number of businesses are shifting out of the liquid paint traces to powder to cost efficacy, safety, and overall performance.