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Steps for Home Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are supposed to be "maintenance free" renewable energy. There are no moving parts to lubricate or wear, and for the most part, they just sit there. Dust, dirt, algae, fungi, leaves, debris, and other things can all affect the amount of sunlight that reaches the solar cell.

Routine maintenance is essential for peak performance from your home solar panels. Here are five steps for you to keep your solar power flowing:

1) Clean the glass surface

2) Check/seal waterproof Reseal

3) Check/clean the weep holes

4) Check / tighten electrical connections

5) Check/secure the mounting hardware

Clean the glass must be done with caution. Glass surfaces are easily damaged by dirt, hard brush, or harsh cleaning. Do not use scrub pads or gritty cleaners as this will cause scratches on the glass surface. You can get solar panel service through

The glass should be cleaned by gently rinsing the surface with water to float the dirt off, then use a soft cloth with mild dish detergent and warm water solution to remove any remaining dirt. Be sure to change the area of cleaning cloths frequently to prevent scratches.

Do not use common household cleaners with ammonia or alcohol as this will damage the surface. Even paper towels can cause scratches on the glass.

Check the seams, waterproof for signs of water leaks, mold or algae growth, or asleep separation from the surface. Remove any mold or algae (if any) and then reapply asleep silicone to seal the surface.

Check out the weep holes at the bottom of the panel to the blockage. The weep holes allow any condensation of water on the inside panel to drain. If weep holes are blocked, the water can back up in the panel and short out the electrical connection.