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What Can You Not Cook In An Air Fryer?

They say cooking in an air fryer makes food healthy, and there is no compromise on the quality. If you are eager to buy an air fryer, then make sure you check out the best air fryer reviews by consumer reports. It is important that you buy the right air fryer that meets your needs in the best way. Also, you should know what you can prepare and what you can’t in an air fryer. Here is the list of items that you can’t prepare in an air fryer:

  1. Fried food with wet batter simply because air fryers are not meant to handle wet batter or coating.
  2. You can’t fry broccoli as it is. You need to apply oil to fry broccoli in an air fryer, but that will kill the whole purpose of eating healthy food.
  3. You can’t cook anything with cheese in it, as melting a classic grilled cheese or making homemade jalapeno poppers will cause problems in the air fryer.
  4. You can’t even fry hamburgers because air fryers use the forced-air method, which isn’t designed to handle the nuances of burgers.
  5. Rice is another thing that you can’t cook in an air fryer because the rice needs water to cook, which you can’t use in an air fryer because water can cause all sorts of damages to an air fryer.

There are many more things such as raw vegetables, dry seasonings, olive oil, delicate leafy greens, whole chicken, toast, popcorn, fish, steak, cake, and dehydrated food. So, make sure you follow the recipe book that accompanies your air fryer to prepare the food items.