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Types and Benefits of Australian Visa

The aim of the Australian business visa for a variety of business-related activities such as attending conferences, business meetings, and several other destinations. In the case of a business visa, you should plan your trip well in advance and you do not have to buy plane tickets until you have received your visa.

No matter how powerful this case, you should not automatically assume that you will get an Australian visa. You can get more information on Australian Electronic Travel Authority from various web sources.

There are three types of business visa Australia:

  • Business innovation and investment flow -188
  • Business innovation and investment visa-888
  • Business talent visa-132

Demand for doorstep visa services on the rise

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Business Innovation and Investment visa -188 is part of the Business Innovation and Investment Australian business visa program. The eligibility criteria for obtaining a visa will be decided by a state agency or regions and the Visa application will depend on the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection. Visa includes three streams:

Flow Business Innovation: This is for people with business skills who want to develop, build and manage a new or existing business in Australia.

Investors flow: This is for people who want to invest minimal AUD1.5million designated in the state or territory of Australia and retain business and investment activities in Australia.

Investor flows significantly: It is for those who are willing to invest at least AUD5million to adhere to investment in Australia and want to maintain the business and investment activities in Australia.