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A Brief Bass Fishing Guide

Florida is well-known for its bass fishing. However, a Florida bass fishing guide is a great idea since experienced anglers from other areas of the country may be confused. Florida has a unique way of fishing for big bass. The lakes are generally shallower and grassier. Trolling rapalas are one example of a technique that you may have to throw out the window. 

However, a huge lunker can still be caught. You may need a Florida guide for bass fishing to help you catch that trophy. Professional bass fishing Florida guides will use only one lure and one or two techniques to find the best areas to catch big bass. Lure fishing on the lake is always the best thing to do in the morning.

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Knowing the differences between these lures and techniques will help you to have a better understanding of how to fish those Florida waters. Many of these Florida bass fishing guides recommend the "Wild Golden Shiner" as the best lure. This lure is a favorite of many guides and can be used to catch big bass in Florida. 

The most common method that any Florida bass fishing guide will use to catch big bass is drifting. Drifting sounds very similar to what it is. This is particularly useful for shallow lakes like Florida. This technique aims to cover large areas of the lake. This is because fish tend to congregate in one place. You can drift until you get two hits and then you will know that you are in the right spot.

While pulling is similar to drifting it involves trolling and casting. Trolling with your wild golden shiner will eventually lead you to one of the hot spots. Then, let the Florida bass fishing guide help you to land that trophy that you've been looking for.