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What Does Interior Car Detailing Include?

Car maintenance is becoming more and more popular. Originating in America, automotive detailing has found its way across lakes as a term in recent years. 

Like any car maintenance, car detailing is a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. This process focuses on the inside and outside of your car and aims to return your car to its factory cover and make it shine again. You can get the best information about interior car detailing via

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While there are different levels of service, the overall process covers all areas that are hard to reach for your car. You can maintain your car; However, to take your card details to the next level, we recommend that you hire a professional service center. Professional service ensures that everything is cleaned at the highest level.

However, in general, a comprehensive interior package will include:

Carpet and doormat cleaning: This includes repairing cracks or burns in the carpet. Car service technicians usually use carpet shampoo to remove stains and make all mats look new.

Cleaning the vents: Use compressed air and a brush to remove all particles and moisture trapped in the vents. They have likely built up over time and can leave an unwanted odor that can spread around the air conditioner.

Window Seals: Your maid will likely clean the interior window seals.

Upholstery cleaning: This includes applying leather protection to the seats and more.

Air Freshener: This will help recover the typical "new car" smell.