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Everything You Need To Know About Forensic Video Analysis

Forensic video analysis is referred to as a scientific examination, comparison and/or evaluation of video in legal matters. Forensic video analysis helps the experts to determine the authenticity of the video footage. Video analysis and authentication of our forensic video services, such as tampering detection and editing, providing our clients with forensic testing to confirm the integrity of their video footage.

forensic video

It is important that the creators of the Forensic Video Analysis provide a chain of custody documentation. Chain of custody documentation describes the handling of evidence from the moment of creation to the time of disposition. 

Common questions answered in the documentation include:

  • Who created the tape?
  • What equipment was made in?
  • Who has access to the record?
  • What activities do for video recording?

Another method used to investigate digital integrity is a chain of custody analysis. Digital information system created specifically about recording strengthen the authenticity of these prisoners chain. It helps experts in gathering information to make a recording of samples needed for the investigation.

How the Analysis Is Performed?

The first step of an analysis is for the examiner to simply listen to or view the recorded footage. The examiner will then begin to locate the area of interest to be enhanced and examined in closer detail using specialized devices and software.

Before processing audio and video evidence, a working copy of the evidence may be created. This assures that the original evidence is always available in its unaltered state. In addition, the original will always be available for comparison to the processed copy.

All examination procedures are carefully constructed so that the image or video is a true and accurate representation of the scene. Investigators never change the recorded data-they only enhance what is already present.