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All You Need To Know About Pencil Boxes

Pencil boxes consistently accompany students to colleges. The concept of owning a pen box/case is nothing new.  Children love to buy new and the latest pencil boxes and also make sure their pencil box will look very different. A pencil case is a frequent item for students. Pencil boxes can carry pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and possibly more items, depending on size. If you want to purchase a pencil box for boys, visit

pencil boxes

It's for over 200 years that pen boxes/cases were found. In the mid-1800s, genuine silver pencil cases were created to make telescoping pens in London. China also produced its pencil cases/boxes made from metals, wood, and leather and even exported them to other nations.

From the 1950s, banks several times gave pen boxes using their names on them as gifts to clients. This patent was given to Verona Pearl Amoth, that happened to invent several other relevant inventions, one of them being a replaceable eraser for pencils. Amoth made the pencil to keep the pencil from protecting the holes in the clothes and to protect the points of the pencil.

The first pencil box was created by Amoth to keep stationery items. There was a hole for every pencil and pen. There were also slots at the close of the case, making it easier for erasers to stay out of this case. In recent times, pencil cases mostly fall into 2 classes. They are used by students to take their pencils, pens, erasers, and other things to school or they are used for relaxation or to shield high-end pens. Many colored and trendy pencil boxes also have dominated the sector.

The pencil boxes are made from a wide variety of materials. Stunning plastic boxes of different designs and sizes are made available exclusively for kids. Each box has been sealed using magnetic locks and has holes to keep pencils and pens vertical. These boxes can be found with the plan of cartoon characters on them which is likely to draw young people. Located in many soft colors such as blue, pink, green, and red, it is difficult to pick from so many beautiful boxes.

Pencil Cases Are The Best Promotional Accessories

If you feel your promotional product requires some refreshment, get new pencil cases – that they will do tremendously as advertising accessories. Actually, a good pencil case can provide plenty of opportunities to spread awareness about your organization, and it would not be wise to dismiss them in the competitive world of business.

If you would like to advertise your company with the support of a branded item or if you plan to distribute your promotional accessories during corporate occasions then choose a pencil case as promotional gear. In the pencil case, you can have your organization’s logo, motto, and contact number. 


Without a doubt, you'll be able to locate new pencil cases in all possible fashions, sizes, fabrics, and designs, so it won't be hard to fulfill the needs and preferences of the target people as the recipients of your promotional message. Bright and colorful cases for children, images of movie stars and computer characters, sophisticated glass cases for colleagues, quality wooden storage for your employees – the choices are truly endless. 

New pencil cases will enlarge the horizon of your promotional strategy: Have you ever thought about decorating brilliantly with decorative items made of decorative wood? If people find something like this as a present, there is a strong probability your stationary situation is going to be kept as a fantastic souvenir in the office or home to show to visitors. And your logo on it will definitely contribute to the respectable image of your organization.

It would be a good step to replace the aged stationery with new things at the start of the new year: this would create a new beginning and have the emotional impact of positive change. Surely it will enhance the work environment in your office and warm the excitement of your workers. New pencil cases can be utilized in several ways in regards to promotion delivery, just be first and do not forget to bring a personal touch.