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Orthodontics – Who Can Benefit From Orthodontic Treatment?

If you have crooked teeth, unnecessary bites, or gaps between your teeth, you may qualify for orthodontic treatment that can correct your bite and make you smile. Many people mistakenly believe that braces are only available to children, but in fact, orthodontics can be used for almost any age group.

To determine whether orthodontic treatment is the right choice for you, it's a good idea to first look at the types of problems the treatment can treat and the various benefits of orthodontic treatment. The first step in any treatment is to sit down with your dentist for an x-ray and a consultation. You can check dental orthodontic FAQs to get more clear information.

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There are many problems designed for orthodontics. Some of these could be gaps between your teeth, affected teeth, overbite or bites, or crooked teeth.

If your smile isn't aligned properly and you have a crooked bite, careful tooth movement through orthodontic treatment can keep your teeth in the right order and give you a smooth, straight smile and a perfectly aligned bite. This full process can take 18 months to three years, although this amount can vary from person to person.

Some of the methods used to do this include the use of traditional brackets as well as other forms of motion brackets. In extreme cases, cones and elastics from the past are still used, but with the latest orthodontic methods on the market, in most cases, you can move your teeth without realizing it.