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Essential Equipment Used in a Demolition Project

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You might not be using any equipment but if you are getting your property demolished, knowing things can always help you get better results. Various things are used to level the land and assemble it flat. Demolition contractors use different equipment based on the job to ensure everything’s done right. However, here are some famous demolition equipment types for your understanding.

  • Bobcats: One of the most common tools for demolition, it is simple to operate and use in tight places. The machine operator sits in the seat of the driver and gets a clear view of the area. It makes the work cost-effective and efficient for demolition contractor who needs fast results.
  • Excavators: It is heavy equipment that uses a bucket mounted at the 2-part arm end to digging out sand or soil from the earth. They are used to move huge amounts of gravel and sand. They are generally equipped with hydraulic attachments that can change for particular demolition work. As the tool has hydraulics, it is simple to attach with other tools which can be used for demolition work like crushers, hammers, hooks, grapples, shears, rippers, and wracking balls.
  • Multiple-Tine Debris Grapples: It comes with several tines that work individually through hydraulic cylinders. This thing makes it flexible to handle several sizes and types of material. The attachment can pick smaller or bigger pieces without any hassle. There is no need to worry about the damage to workers or the area.

Besides, a demolition hammer is also used in every demolition project. It’s used for exterior and interior demolition, removal of walls and concrete floors, demolition and roadwork. You can talk to the contractor about such equipment before hiring Newcastle demolition services for your project.