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Which Acne Face Care Products Should I Use?

Contrary to popular belief, it isn't only teenagers who suffer from acne. Although the peak period for outbreaks of acne is between 17 and 18 in girls, and between 19 and 20 in boys, it is very common and perfectly normal for blackheads and whiteheads to continue to form after these ages. 

Once we understand what is happening to your skin that is causing spots to form, it is easier to see why natural acne face care products are the best treatment. If you want to explore regarding the facial care and  cosmetics(it is also called Nohooldus ja kosmeetikain the Estonian language) then, search the browser.

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Our skin is covered in an oily substance called "sebum". Sebum acts as the body's natural moisturizer, ensuring our skin does not become dry, cracked and painful. During puberty, high levels of hormones are released into our bodies. Testosterone causes the sebaceous glands that produce sebum to enlarge and overproduce the substance. 

This flood of hormones can also cause our skin to swell up and thus constrict the opening of the pores. Bacteria that normally exist safely on the surface of our skin thrive in these airless pockets. The body's normal reaction to infection – to flood the affected area with defensive white blood cells – is the cause of so-called "whiteheads". I'm saying it now; don't pop your whiteheads.