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Using Hops as a Natural Flight Anxiety Treatment

Avoiding flying is very difficult in today's society. Every year air traffic everywhere increases more and more. Most people find flying an uncomfortable experience. Most people who fly experience moments of fear during turbulence, or perhaps during takeoff or landing, but generally feel relatively calm during the flight. You can choose the treatment of overcome the flying fear to travel by air without any fear.

That's of course amazing. Some people are 100% calm and they don't mind flying in the slightest. Others on the other end of the spectrum have to deal with intense fear while in flight. This is not something that goes away quickly or is easy to work with. For these people, flying is a very harrowing experience and not only makes the actual flight time downright miserable but can also lead to permanent health problems.

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Such people often seek relief from their anxiety by drinking plenty of alcohol before and during flights. This has the potential to exacerbate anxiety, lead to alcoholism, be unhealthy, and put you in a high state when your mental abilities are most needed.

Another solution to consider is using natural anxiety treatments to relieve anxiety symptoms while traveling by plane. A natural supplement that works very well is the hops plant. Many people are familiar with hops because it is one of the main ingredients in beer. It is also a very effective way to relieve anxiety without the intoxicating effects of beer.