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Master The Art Of Driving A Stick Shift By Removing Your Shoes

One unique method for learning how to drive a stick shift car is to remove your shoes before operating the pedals. If you take your shoes off you will have much better feedback from the clutch pedal. The video posted by TailHappyTV recommends using the method where you remove your shoes to get the best feedback from the clutch pedal. When you have your shoes on it might be more difficult to get a feel for what the clutch is doing as you learn how to drive a stick shift as a beginner.

As a beginner the hardest part about learning how to drive stick shift cars is finding the sweet spot on the clutch. If you let the clutch out too quickly the car may lurch forward and stall. If you let the clutch out too slowly you will cause a lot of friction on the clutch plates, which in turn will burn up the clutch. Driving a stick shift car can be a lot of fun after you master the process of getting the car rolling. If you are having a difficult time learning the basics of how to drive a stick shift you may want to follow the advice from TailHappyTV and remove your shoes the next time you get a chance to practice the manual transmission.