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All about a Fine Investment in Art

Works of art have become an encouraging investment in today's market trend. A high-quality painting by a recognized artist, promises an increase in value over time. Considering a well-renowned artist with an extensive body of artworks is the key. David Shepherd is an artist whose work a collector should consider for investment.

David Shepherd is an internationally-known wildlife artist who has been working since the 1960s. The themes for his paintings range from animals, landscapes, locomotives, portraits, to aviation and military subjects. You can look fo the best fine art investment advisory at

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But it's his lush, realistic paintings of African endangered species that have captivated many for over 40 decades. His most famous works of art are "Tiger in the Sun", "Tiger Fire" and "Elephant Heaven". The wonderful realism that he manages to capture has amazed art critics and collectors across the globe.

Many of his paintings have been published as signed, limited edition prints. While these prints are usually photo lithographs, there are also other mediums for reproduction using silkscreen and giclee printing.

David Shepherd had originally aspired to become a game warden in Kenya but was rejected. He then returned to the UK and worked as a hotel receptionist for a time. Despite his pressing financial situation, his father insisted that Shepherd polish his skills in painting and should receive formal training.

However, his application for the Slade School of Fine Art in London was refused. David eventually found a mentor in Robin Goodwin, a professional artist who trained him for the next three years.