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Know About 3-Section Sliding Loft Ladder

Are you able to use the loft space in your home? You're wasting space if you don't use it. It doesn't take long to transform that space into a living area you can use or into a storage space. It is important to have safe access to the area if you plan to use it as storage space or additional living space. 

Loft ladders allow you to access the area in a safe manner. When looking for any type of ladder, it is important to look at the workload it is rated for. If you want to buy Keylite loft ladders, then you can check out the web.

Loft Ladders

Safe working loads include not only the worker who is climbing up the ladder but also the materials and tools he uses while on the ladder. The safe working load for the 3-section sliding loft ladder is approximately 330 pounds. The ladder has been tested to ensure it can safely support this weight.

This 3 section sliding loft ladder may seem like it would fit in your home. It usually fits in areas between 7 and 10 feet high. This size will fit most lofts. The ladder's large handrails are another great feature. These handrails add safety and don't increase the ladder's price. 

The ladder has two heavy-duty locking catches as a safety feature. These catch hook to the stiles from both sides. This prevents the ladder from twisting, which could lead to breaking. This ladder is very safe.

This ladder is built with high-quality materials and quality construction. If you are looking to make your loft more functional, this is the perfect option. You can purchase a 3-section sliding loft ladder to make the most of that extra space.