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Marble Polishing: 3 Things you Need To Know

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As the name suggests, marble polishing is the process of polishing marble. The aim of doing so is to achieve a sleek and glossy finish to the marble surface, the trait that makes marble so desirable. Here is some important information about marble polishing. 

3 Things You Need To Know About Marble Polishing

Deciding when you need marble polishing and how to go about it can be a difficult decision. Things to consider are the method of conducting the polishing, what it involves, and how to finish the job to ensure you get the most out of your marble’s shine. 

  1. Professional Marble polishing services

A professional marble polishing service will make short work of the task as they will have the necessary equipment to be able to complete the job. This will include the various grit polishing pads, the machinery, and the skilled people that know what they are doing. Of course, this can be done as a Do-It-Yourself project but it would most likely take much longer to complete.

  1. Honing and restoring

Marble polishing is completed through the process of first honing or grinding back the existing marble. This ensures that there are no imperfections left in the marble before the polishing commences. Polishing, also known as the art of restoring the marble to its shiny appearance, is completed by using polishing pads with an increasingly finer grit, to buff the surface. 

  1. Sealing is important.

A good quality sealant is important when it comes to polishing marble. Due to the soft and porous nature of marble, it is prone to scrapes, gouges, and staining. A high-quality sealant will protect the marble surface and therefore ensure it keeps its shine for much longer.

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Next Steps

The best approach to choosing a professional marble polishing services to help you with your marble restoration goals is to do your research. Once you have done your research, contact about two or three companies to provide a quote for the work to be done. 

Some businesses operating in Melbourne that offer a marble restoration service include, but are not limited to: 

  • Stone Master;

  • Tile Cleaners;

  • Absolute Stone Care; 

  • Mirror Image Marble; and 

  • Stone Wiz.

Marble polishing is the process by which marble is honed to remove imperfections before polishing with finer and finer polishing pads is done to produce the highly desirable shine that comes with having marble surfaces. In order to keep the shine that is achieved through the hard work, it is important to finish the job with a high-quality sealant. To ensure the best outcome is achieved in restoring marble surfaces, it is important to do your research in essential things to know as well as the best service providers to get the job done.