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Benefits And Uses Of Compression Stockings And Leggings In Indiana

It is important to know what compression stockings are before we even think about buying them. Compression stockings, or support hoses, are tight hosiery used to improve blood circulation and reduce swelling.

Poor blood circulation can lead to the weak connective tissue around the feet, which could cause varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, or even varicose veins. To avoid this, you can look for professional suppliers to buy the finest compression wear for men & women in Indiana.

It is important to mention that Compression Leggings, and Support Hose, were invented by Conrad Jobst (a mechanical engineer and inventor). He was also suffering from the same problem and created what is now known as Jobst compression stockings. 

Jobst suffered from a venous condition. He discovered that gradient compression stockings could help to reduce the pain and misery associated with such venous conditions.

Gradient compression stockings are exactly what Jobst compression stockings are all about. They gradually tighten as they go down the leg. The tightest part of the stockings is around the ankle. This provides maximum support for the area.

It's interesting to see that even Jobst compression stockings, support hose, and compression stockings at first conception were bulky. These stockings have become extremely lightweight thanks to modern technology and materials. They are also available in a range of materials which makes them stylish while still retaining their utility.