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Various Types of Metal Art and Sculpture

Metal art is highly appreciated because of its expertise and design, thus spurring my interest in an art that has extraordinary decorative values. Metal art is often only considered metal wall art covering many fields of functional and purely decorative artwork. Functional such as metal clocks, tableware, and sleek, and decorative equipment such as images on metal sheets, bronze statues, beautiful chess pieces, and decorative accents. 

From wire metal filigree works and cast metal sculptures made from bronze to ancient hammered metal cups and fine gold Egyptian jewelry, the resilience of earth metals and their malleable nature has made them one of the best materials to make beautiful works of art and crafts. You can also choose amongst the unique metal art design on for your home decorations.

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Many treasures and artifacts that survived the pyramids of Egypt are variations of metal artworks. They include statues, ornaments, gold coins, and funeral masks. The magnificent statues still standing today in Greece and Rome were cast in bronze.

The people of ancient American civilizations made hatchets and ceremonial implements from hammered copper. Objects of the faith like crucifixes and sacred art were also crafted to exquisite perfection by monks in their monastery. And the spectacular Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour is a metalwork of art made from copper and wrought iron.

Now, there is a new interest in metal artwork, especially for use as decoration and jewelry needs. Jewelry, just like in old days, makes beautiful crafts from precious metals that are enhanced with precious stones or imitation or enamel motifs. And designers, and decorators now, more than ever before, utilizing metal products as wall art, sculptures, sculptures, furniture, decorative hardware and ironmongery, and stair fence ornaments.