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Important in Information About Paper, Plastic or Reusable Shopping Bags

Cut down on unnecessary waste and avoid the "paper or plastic" predicament by saying "no" to paper and plastic and "yes" to reusable alternatives. Paper and plastic bags have become a convenient habit that is ruining our environment and wasting precious resources. Why not make the switch to reusable bags? Here's a little information about various bags available today and how they have an impact on the environment.

Plastic – Disposable plastic shopping bag is usually made of high density polyethylene (plastic # 2) or low density polyethylene. These plastics are manufactured from refined petroleum and it is estimated that the U.S. You can check out the more about eco reusable products at

The biggest problem with these bags, apart from the fact that they use natural resources, is that they are predicted to need a thousand years or more for damage in the environment. Overabundance from this plastic bag must go somewhere. 

Paper – Disposable paper bags usually do not get the bad rap associated with plastic bags, but let us take a closer look. Some paper bags are produced from recycled materials, while the majority of them are made of trees. 

Comparing the energy needed to produce disposable bags, the actual paper requires more energy to produce than plastic. Even when recycling, paper bags use more energy than plastic bags. Unfortunately, even though these bags can be recycled, the low recycling rate and the majority of bags are still produced from new paper.