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Outdoor Furnaces: Are They the Solution to Heating Problems?

Because they provide long burn times and safety, outdoor furnaces are becoming more popular. They can also be used to heat or hot water multiple buildings on your property. Outdoor furnaces do not burn wood and are not stoves. You need to get water treatment of the outdoor boiler from time to time in order to keep it maintained. 

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A lot of units are the same size as a backyard storage shed. They burn wood or corn to heat water and air, which are then pumped back into your house. These units can be connected to existing heating systems, such as a radiant floor, boiler, or forced-air furnace. They also heat domestic water. 

The outdoor furnaces are not meant to be the sole source of heat. To prevent heat loss, it is important to have a backup system. Outdoor furnaces work best in rural areas where they can be found at least 100 feet away from other homes. 

However, smaller, better insulated models can still be placed right next to your house or in an outside shed or garage. In order to avoid any problems with installation, both installers and homeowners should consider the prevailing wind direction. 

In densely populated areas where pollution from automobile exhaust and other pollutants already affects the air quality, wood may not be the best choice. However, wood can still be used in small towns and rural areas without affecting the air quality in your community.