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Know About Pigmentation Skin Care

When choosing a skincare product for the skin, it is important to know your skin type. The only difference with having pigmentation is that skin type is fairly universal for all ethnic backgrounds. Pigmentation is what gives the skin its color.

When deciding your skin type there are lots of components to consider. Factor number one: Whether your skin is oily or dry. The second will be whether your skin is pigmented or not. More information about pigmentation skin care is also available at skin plus compounding pharmacy.

pigmentation skin care

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The next element is skin sensitivity and the fourth is the dreaded reality of aging: wrinkles. First determine if your skin is oily or dry. 

Oily skin can have a shiny appearance and feel smooth to the touch. Dry skin may feel uncomfortable and tight in addition to feeling rough and having a dull color.

Sebaceous (oil) glands produce a secretion that can help maintain moisture from the skin. Surplus oil production may lead to greasy skin but that is not the only element. Diet, stress, hormones, drugs, and genetics may affect oil production.

Skincare has to do with the skin's ability to withstand irritation. Sensitive skin reacts easily to a stimulus with redness, stinging, or acne. Rosacea is from the sensitive skin category.

The last factor involved in picking skincare is the existence of wrinkles. Sun exposure is a major factor in the aging of skin and wrinkles. Prevention is great with using sunscreens in your skincare products.