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Buying Precious Metals, Stones And Costume Jewelry Online

There are many ways to check the authenticity of the precious stones and metals that you have. Since these precious metals and stones like platinum, silver, and gold are all part of the periodic table this implies that they can be examined in the same methods used by chemists to conduct experiments on them. 

If you're looking to find out whether the jewelry you purchased are precious metals or not, then try the techniques described within this post.

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Precious metals and precious stones created in specific places are subject to the requirement of a hallmarking process. These are the markings that prove the authenticity of the jewelry, such as carat weight or a stamp of a letter with an inscription with a date.

There are genuine precious stones and metals which do not bear these marks, particularly those manufactured by the United States.

The other test to do is determine whether the precious stones and metals can be magnetized. If they do, they are not genuine. The precious metals and stones, like gold, silver, and platinum are not magnetized.

You could also try stretching your precious metals or stones. The genuine stones that are thin will be flexible.

The purchase of jewelry, whether real or fake, is dependent on the personality you are. Whichever you decide to choose whether they are genuine or precious metals and stones, the key factor is that you purchase the item you love.