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Residential Roofing Choices in Redding For Flat Roofs

There are many types of residential roofing materials available in Redding. Some are more popular than others, while others are less expensive. Different roof shapes work better than others. Flat roofs are a common type of roof. Because the roof can hold all of the snow, and could collapse under its weight, flat roofs are best placed in areas that have little to no snowfall. 

There are a few residential roofing options in Redding for this type of roof. One is a tar-and-gravel roof. This type of roof will not have any shingles because shingles do not suit flat roofs. They just lay there waiting for rain to pour on them. A flat roofing material is basically a base material that has some coating. 

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The layers of asphalt and paper on a tar and gravel roof are attached with hot asphalt. To keep them from being damaged by the sun's UV rays, they are covered with gravel. Other types of flat roofs can be made out of PVC or plastics. You can also use modified bitumen. This roof covering is made from a sheet manufactured in a factory with copolymer-modified bitumen. 

Bitumen, which is a mix of hydrocarbons or other natural or derived petroleum-based substances, is part of asphalt and tar. Flat roofs are generally covered with a rolled roofing material. The integrity of the covering depends on how it is applied by the installer. To hold the roofing material together, the seams are either attached to or overlaid by different types of applications.

Green roofs are also possible for flat roofs. Before installing this type of roof, make sure the structure can support its weight. It is a roof that has a protective layer, a planting medium, and then vegetation.