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What Is The Best Alternative Cancer Treatment?

There are a surprising number of alternative cancer treatment options available these days. Each case of cancer is unique so it's extremely important to answer your doctor's questions so they can give you the best possible care for every type and stage of cancer from the treatment of pre-cancerous conditions to Stage 4 cancer. Many alternative cancer treatments can also be used for cancer prevention. RSO oil is one of the best alternative treatments for cancer. You can also look for rso oil cancer treatment in Mexico via

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An in-depth evaluation and subsequent laboratory tests by your doctor can indicate possible contributors to cancer and reveal baseline status. If there is an exposure history, screening can be done to determine the presence of toxins in the body. Toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides can actually contribute to cancer growth. Testing for malignin can be done as well.

Many believe that the presence of malignin in the body is a marker for cancer. In this way, we can attempt to assess the effectiveness of cancer therapies through AMAS (anti-malignin antibody in serum) testing without exposing the patient to harmful radiation.

Nearly all alternative cancer treatments can be used in conjunction with standard chemotherapy and radiation or as stand-alone cancer therapies. In addition to fighting cancer cells, these therapies often improve many other functions of the human body and can work to improve a patient's overall sense of wellness.

Another benefit to alternative cancer treatment is location. Every year, there are more and more doctors practicing alternative medicine. As a result, people can find treatment in places closer to home, with no need to travel to the US, Mexico, or Europe for treatment.