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Why Is Strategic Planning Important To An Organization?

Strategic planning is critical to the future direction and survival of nonprofit organizations. Therefore, it is important to understand what strategic planning is and why it is so important.

Wikipedia defines strategic planning as "the process by which an organization defines a strategy or direction and makes decisions about the allocation of resources to pursue that strategy, including its capital and people." A strategic planning consultant is the official view of the future direction of the organization.

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All strategic planning addresses at least one of three main themes:

1. The first guiding question is: “What do you want to do?” This is related to the vision and mission of the organization. The vision of the organization is broad, this is the ultimate goal that the organization aspires to. The organization's mission is a statement that describes how the organization will fulfill its vision.

For example, the organization's vision might be to employ all persons with disabilities. Its mission may be: “Helping persons with disabilities to find or retain meaningful employment by providing professional advice, training in job search and job development and job search”.

2. Organizations must be aware of their customers to develop or modify programs and services to meet their needs.

3. The third guiding question is “How do you differentiate yourselves?” This question is about how well the company is performing and what it can do better to meet the needs of its customers. He also reminded organizations to evaluate the competition and develop strategies to become a leading institution in their field.