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Find The Best Defenders of the Imperium

In the unique and fascinating world of Warhammer 40k tabletop games, the Imperium of Man is the largest human kingdom ever, in a constant battle with alien races to destroy anything that comes their way.  

According to the back-story of the 40k tabletop game, mankind has survived the Dark Age of Technology due to the efforts of the Emperor who created the Imperium. You can find the best Warhammer 40k games model from the various online sources.

warhammer 40k games

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In the frontline of Imperium’s defense against its enemies are the Space Marines. These supernatural soldiers created through genetic medicine, surgical modifications and hypnotics are mankind’s most distinctive protectors.

Space Marines, though only a small number, are mankind’s most powerful and most feared army due to their versatility and great shooting.

This is why the Space Marine Warhammer is considered one of the strongest armies in the 40k tabletop game. There are brave soldiers of the Imperial Guard fighting with the Space Marines.

Unlike Space Marines, royal guards draw strength in their numbers. They are the largest manned army in a 40k tabletop game and they resemble a future version of the modern-day army. 

The Imperial Guards are made up of billions of brave soldiers, artillery, tanks and other mercantile warfare and are often described as sledgehammers of defending the Imperium because of their strength that could put enemies in their way.