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The History of Wedding Favours

The custom of giving wedding favors dates back centuries. One of the first references to a wedding favor can be found in 16th century England. As a favor and to symbolize their love connection, couples would often give love knots made of lace and ribbon to each of their guests.

A small box of jewelry made of crystal, porcelain, and/or precious stones (known as a bonbonniere) was popular with European royalty. These boxes usually contain sugar cubes or soft cakes that symbolize wealth and greatness. You can also opt for the most luxurious and decadent wedding bonbonniere in Melbourne.

At that time, marriage was considered a happy moment. The couple believed that by giving their wedding guests chocolates and other goodies, they were also spreading their luck to others. This blessed gift usually consists of five almonds or candies that denote fertility, well-being, wealth, contentment, and longevity.

Today, church services are still a popular tradition in most modern weddings. Wedding services vary and usually correspond to the event or season of the event. Traditional services include individual chocolates, candles, and various other useless things. CDs with the bride and groom's favorite music, glasses full of colorful candies, or charitable donations on behalf of the guests are also popular contemporary gift ideas.

Wedding favors from around the world

Everything happens when it comes to wedding services. While most western countries offer wedding services based on the theme of the wedding or the lifestyle of the couple, many other countries have general services such as:

1) Guests at Irish weddings are often given small wedding bells as a service.

2) Guests at a Spanish wedding receive details such as cigars for men and gifts for women.

3) Services in Russia include miniature or wax paintings, as well as souvenirs.

4) At an Italian wedding, guests can expect chocolate-coated almonds or Jordanian almonds.

5) Handmade elephants are considered an auspicious wedding service in India.

When it comes to your own wedding, you can take inspiration from your cultural history or go wild. Give something meaningful to you as a person – or just something beautiful that fits your wedding theme!