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Tasty and Traditional Spanish Ham

Spanish Ham is the oldest food item in the world and is loved by a lot of people. They were popular in Roman Empire times. Spanish Serrano Ham is a Ham that is composed of white porkers. The white pigs used in making ham are fed with the compound feed and specially selected fodder. 

This particular type of ham is sought-after because its flavor is salty, and it is less fat. Because of its lower fat content and delicious taste, people choose this type of ham. Serrano Hams are cooked in a particular way. Freshly cut hams are dipped in salt for two weeks. You can also buy Spanish ham via

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This method helps to remove excess moisture while also preserving the meat for a long period of time. After this, salted ham gets removed, and after that, the ham is laid out to dry for about six months. It should be noted that the salt is taken from the ham through cleaning it. 

Hams may have a variety of qualities. You can determine the quality by looking at what kind of pig it is as well as the foods that the pig was fed, the portion of the pig's body that was used to create the ham, and how it was cured. With these factors in mind, you can do an inspection of the quality prior to purchasing the ham. 

Another kind of Spanish ham that is adored by many is the pata negra. This particular ham is made in Spain exclusively. The ham is made using Iberian pork. The process involves the fattening of the piglets right after they have won. Piglets are fed barley and maize for a number of weeks.