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The Factors to Consider about Booklet Printing

If you are planning to create beautiful booklets it is important to think about the things you'll need to consider. That means you must decide the best way to go about it and whether you will create the booklet as a printed form or as the form of an electronic download. 

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You can pick between both based on your personal preferences, however, it is important to consider that your preferences may not be the same for everyone else. There are many factors to consider before you are capable of making money from your books.


  • Printing a booklet is viewed by many as more efficient than a downloaded version, especially when the printed version is printed in a durable and appealing print.
  • The pdf version of the publication is readily accessible, as the booklet is available to download any time and from any time.
  • The printed version of the booklet is safer than the electronic download version because the electronic version is not copy-protected.
  • Your potential clients may be uncomfortable downloading files, which could cause them to be frustrated.
  • The printed version of the book is great for when you wish to sell additional items in addition to the booklet, like videotapes.
  • Some prefer to browse through the downloaded file and then take the time to go through an actual copy.