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The Most Popular Heavy-Duty Machines Used in the Construction Industry

Brisbane earthmoving contractors

There are many factors involved in the construction industry from the likes of architects responsible to come up with the blueprint of the structure to designers to make the structure look stunning. The construction industry also involves the use of heavy-duty machines and here are the most popular ones you should be aware of.

  • Excavator – The most popular and also the biggest heavy machine is the excavator used in the construction industry. The excavator is responsible for carrying out work such as land clearance along with the demolition of a constructed structure if required.
  • Bulldozer – After the popularity of an excavator, the bulldozer is the second in line. Flattening and pushing the ground is the work done by the bulldozer. The operator needs to undergo some form of training since it comes in different types.
  • Loader Backhoe – This machine is equipped with 2 installed buckets where one is used for digging and the other is used to push the dirt. Although the loader backhoe is massive in size, it is used for small work.
  • Dump Truck – In the construction industry, waste material is bound to get collected which requires a machine to get it removed. This is where a dump truck comes into the frame which is used to take the waste material from the worksite to the dumping site. Moreover, a dump truck is also required to bring important materials to the worksite.

These are some of the most popular heavy-duty machines used in the construction industry. However, these machines are only provided by earthmoving contractors in Brisbane.