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The Rise Of Cloud Services

In 2011, it seems like there is no escaping the mention of the Cloud. Cloud computing is the hottest technology in IT and the majority of major companies have been quick to join the Cloud bandwagon. 

A majority of the top IT firms now provide the Cloud service however what percentage of us actually know and appreciate the reasoning driving the hype?

What exactly is Cloud

In its simplest form at the simplest level, the Cloud is a set of computer systems that appear to be one unit to you, regardless of the location. The majority of the major Cloud computing services provide the ability to connect to a computer platform that has multiple data centers. 

The benefits it brings

Cloud services allow users to increase or decrease the use of their computers and thus costs according to increasing demand. Many companies, especially those in the retail industry, require more computing power at specific periods of the year. 

Cloud services enable companies to make use of the massive computing power of the cloud providers and only pay for what they 

Accessing the Cloud

The majority of companies who use cloud services providers access via the internet or through a leased line link to the data center. 

It allows customers and employees to access Cloud applications from any location around the globe. 

Other considerations

There are many companies waiting to host their Cloud-based applications However, you may require technical support to move your current infrastructure to the Cloud. It is best to transfer one app or service at a given time, instead of doing it all at once.