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The Truth Behind Stock Market Trading

If you're watching an ad-hoc show or business news on television there's a good chance you'll hear words or phrases such as "stock market, "trade," "stocks" or "stock market trading." 

What exactly are these words and what's their significance? To answer your concerns, here's a brief overview of the basics of stock market trading.


In simple terms, trading on the stock market is the voluntary purchase and selling of company stock and its derivatives. Stocks are the amount of capital that a company raises through the issue of shares and exchanging shares. You can also invest in the finest stock marketing platform on the internet.

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They are traded on the stock market in the same way that other commodities like sugar, coffee, or rice. Wheat, rice, and coffee are traded on a commodities market. The virtual or physical (as trading could occur on the internet) market that allows the trading of shares is referred to as a stock exchange.

Trading Process

The stock market trades when one person sells his stock and the other purchases the stocks. Usually, buyers and sellers of stocks get together in stock exchanges where they can agree on the value of the shares. 

Stock market trading takes place on a trading floor, which is the one typically shown on television when news about the stock market is broadcast. The investors are seen raising their arms and then throwing signals at each other. 

The auction-like look of the trading market in stocks is the way that the stock market trades. It's known as "open outcry" because the traders yell to announce their offers.

Importantness to Stock Market Trading

The stock market is necessary to boost economic growth. It helps businesses raise capital, or aid them in tackling their financial challenges. The trading in stocks helps to ensure that capital is kept and used to fund the most profitable business.