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Tips for Learning How to Apply Makeup

The art of applying makeup requires an amount of time and a lot of practice. Little girls typically begin learning how to apply makeup when they're old enough to put on makeup.

When they're learning how to apply makeup They tend to appear more like clowns rather than the glamorous film stars they're trying to portray. You can enroll your kid in makeup classes online via

Sephora Now Offers Free Makeup Classes Specifically for the Transgender Community

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Makeup Application Tips

Before you can learn how to apply your makeup you have to know the kind of makeup you're using. There are makeup products for your eyelids, face, and lips.

If you are planning to use concealer or facial makeup be sure to choose the shade of concealer that complements your facial. If the concealer you use is bright or too dark it will appear a bit smokey. If you have beautiful skin, you can skip concealer altogether or use it on areas that have imperfections.

Once you've put on your makeup, it's time to proceed to your eyes. Always apply your eye makeup in the following order: eyeshadow liner, mascara, eyeshadow.

As you apply your makeup, close your eyelids, and then look down. This method will soften your eyelids and aid in applying your makeup with more evenness.

If you're applying makeup, particularly when you're new to this there should be plenty of Q-tips in your bag. The Q-tips can assist you in washing off or correcting the mistakes you might make when learning to apply makeup.