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Types of services offered by Various Cooperatives

A cooperative may be businesses that are owned and managed by those who use them (a consumer cooperative), organizations managed by their workers (worker cooperatives), multi-stakeholder cooperatives, or hybrid cooperatives where different stakeholder groups share ownership. You can also visit to get cooperative services for your business help.

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Retail Cooperatives:

Retail cooperatives are a form of "consumer cooperative", which helps to create retail stores that benefit consumers. They give consumers the chance to supply their own goods, increase bargaining power and earn a share of income.

They can be organized in communities or as other "local groups", and own their own retail shops. Many times, these cooperatives can be found in communities that have lost their local businesses. Examples of retail cooperatives include hardware, food, agricultural products, and movie theatres.

Producer Cooperatives:

Producer cooperatives are owned and operated by producers. To increase their marketing opportunities and improve production efficiency, producers can choose to work together or separately. They can market, process, and distribute their products themselves. They are organized to market, process, and distribute their own products.

Consumer Cooperatives:

A service cooperative is a type of "consumer cooperative" that helps to meet a community's needs. These cooperatives allow consumers to meet their own needs and gain bargaining power. They also give them the chance to share in the profits. They allow members to have greater control over the services they receive. Service co-ops include child care, health clinics, and funeral services