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Understanding The Scope of Forensic Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry provides information on quantitative data. As the term suggests, it can be defined as “the science of measuring in the photograph”. Photogrammetry originally belonged to the field of remote sensing. In the case of determining the distance or area, it is necessary to obtain the coordinates field one point in the photo with the help of best photogrammetry software. Based on this, geometric data can be calculated from the map can be generated. Check out here if you want to know more about photogrammetry software in great detail.


Along with photogrammetry, LiDAR data processing is also gaining momentum in the domain of geographic information systems (GIS). Lidar processing is used for the generation of DEM (Digital Elevation Model), DTM (Digital Terrain Model), TIN (triangulated Inverse Network) and also a lot of surface models.

Using LIDAR, we can collect solid and accurate information from the Earth’s surface or terrain. One of the much sought after area of geoscience sin tool for the study of the earth’s surface is Light Distance and Ranging along with air laser swath mapping data.

For the creation of digital elevation models, LiDAR data can be the most accurate data.

Another area that came in the category of geomatics application is CAD conversion area. Most of the work on CAD conversion along with other services being outsourced right now because there are adequate human resources in the GIS sector in many organizations.